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12V DC 50A smart battery charger 12V DC 50A smart battery charger 12V DC 50A smart battery charger 12V DC 50A smart battery charger 12V DC 50A smart battery charger

12V DC 50A smart battery charger

Product details

Product description

Intelligent battery charger is Maili's new generation smart charger. It has many of the protective features that consumers expect to have in a charger, including battery misconnection (wrong voltage), reverse polarity, battery disconnection or not connected, and battery failure analysis. 

The latest high efficiency switching topology and microcontroller power management are utilized in its design. 8 charging stages are offered in our products. Charging rate/type selection can be easily made by the user through the selection switch on the front panel.

Depending on battery brand and type (lead acid, gel, lithium iron, and lithium manganese), the battery may require special charging curves and adjustment to the protective functions which differs from the standard settings. The charging curves and protective functions can be customized by reprogramming its firmware. Please note: the factory charging curve is for charging lead-acid battery. Please contact with Maili regarding other types of battery charging requirements.


Features and advantages

1. Five battery types can be choosed  (Li-ion, GEL, AGM,WET, CAL)

2. Charger rate (charge current can be choosed, 4 gears in the machine); 
3. Recovery Function: This type smart charger can recover slight sulphated battery and prolong battery's life;


4.8-Stages battery chargers

Stage 1(pulse charging) :

Pulse charging is used to revive tired lead acid battery which is either improperly charged/discharged or allowed to self-discharge

as occurs during non-use.Basically,help to restore its normal chemical properties.

Stage 2 (soft start):

Use low charge voltage and current to prepare the battery to accept upcoming bulk charging,so a better charge can be applied.

Stage 3 (constant current):

A high constant current is provided so the battery can be quickly charged to 2.4Vper cell.

Stage 4 (constant voltage):

A constant voltage of 2.4V per cell is provided until the charging current naturally tapers down to a low level.

Stage 5 (analysis):

The charger will stop charging for 2 minutes to determine battery status. If the battery voltage is higher than 2.1 V per cell, the battery is determined as OK and will move on to stage 6.If the battery voltage is lower than 2.1V per cell, the battery fail indication will come ON and the charger will be recharged following the before steps second time.

Stage 6 (recondition boost charge):

Boost voltage is provided to recondition the battery storage capacity to its original state.

Stage 7 (float charge):

A float voltage of 2.3V per cell is provided for extended period of time so that the battery can maintain full charge.

Stage 8 (maintain):

Maintenance charge is provided to compensate for battery self- discharge and extend battery life.


Technical Parameters of Battery Charger

Charging Stages

Based on the power of battery, the different charging stages could be automatically selected by the charger. In order to avoid the battery being over-charged or under-charged, the charging current and voltage varies from different charging stages
Rated Charging Current: 50A

Charging VoltageCharging Current
Desulphation<11VDC32A(peak value)(±0.4A)
Soft Start11VDC-12VDC19A(±0.3A)
Bulk Charge12VDC-14.7VDC50A(±0.5A)
Absorption14.7VDCA steady decline in charging current
Battery Test>12.6VDC0A
Rated Charging Current: 35A

Charging VoltageCharging Current
Desulphation<11VDC23A(peak value)(±0.4A)
Soft Start11VDC-12VDC13A(±0.3A)
Bulk Charge12VDC-14.7VDC35A(±0.5A)
Absorption14.7VDCA steady decline in charging current
Battery Test>12.6VDC0A
Rated Charging Current: 25A

Charging VoltageCharging Current
Desulphation<11VDC16A(peak value)(±0.4A)
Soft Start11VDC-12VDC9A(±0.3A)
Bulk Charge12VDC-14.7VDC24A(±0.5A)
Absorption14.7VDCA steady decline in charging current
Battery Test>12.6VDC0A
Rated Charging Current: 15A

Charging VoltageCharging Current
Desulphation<11VDC10A(peak value)(±0.3A)
Soft Start11VDC-12VDC6A(±0.2A)
Bulk Charge12VDC-14.7VDC15A(±0.5A)
Absorption14.7VDCA steady decline in charging current
Battery Test>12.6VDC0A

Charge Rates:

Charge Rates
NO.ItemDescriptionCharge Rate
115A chargerPress “the Charge Rate” select button15A(±0.5A)
225A chargerPress “the Charge Rate” select button25A(±0.5A)
335A chargerPress “the Charge Rate” select button35A(±0.5A)
450A chargerPress “the Charge Rate” select button50A(±0.5A)

Battery Recondition:

For the battery with slightly sulphating, the Battery Charger has the function of recondition

After the battery filled fully, the battery will be recharged in a high voltage by the Battery Charger. The lead sulphate particles are reduced, thus reconditioning the battery. 

Battery Recondition
NO.DescriptionReconditionCharging VoltageCharging CurrentReconditioning Period
115A battery chargerBulk Charge<15.9VDC3A(±0.3A)
225A battery chargerBulk Charge<15.9VDC5A(±0.3A)
335A battery chargerBulk Charge<15.9VDC4A(±0.3A)
450A battery chargerBulk Charge<15.9VDC10A(±0.3A)


12V DC 50A smart battery charger

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