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AC110V to DC24V 10A 3 stages Standard Battery Charger

Product details

Product Description

Model No.: AC110V-DC24V 10A

Size : 218*115*62mm

Net Weight : 1.0 kgs 

Housing: Black /grey aluminium case

Efficiency : ≥ 82% ( full loading )

Input Voltage : AC80-120V , 50 HZ / 60HZ

Charging mode : 3 stage cc cv floating charging for lead acid batteries

Application : 24v 10amp lead acid batteries

Input plug : EU, US , UK , AU , Italy plug etc ( as your requirement )

Output plug : DC Jack , XLR , JST , Cigar Lighter , Alligator clip etc

Technical data sheet 

24V/10A battery Charger
NO.Test ItemData
1Continuous Output Power240W
3Working VoltageAC80-120V
4Rated Input Voltage110VAC
5Rated Output Voltage(when at rated input voltage)28.8-29.4V
7Max Output Current(when at rated input voltage)10A
8Full Load Efficiency(when at rated input voltage)≥82%
9NO-Load Current(when at rated input voltage)≤50mA
10FuseDC:20A fuse; AC:5A safety pipe
11Over Temperature Protection60°C
12Short Circuit Protectionshort circuit protection to protect the circuit
13Test Temperature25°C
14Work Temperaturwe-10-40°C
15Reverse Connect Protectionfuse burn out
16Lump-Turn Current1A-1.5A
  • AC220V to DC12V 30A Standard Battery Charger

Advantages of DC24V 10A battery charger 

1. Full automatic transition of cc cv and float /cut-off , Precise limit of voltage & current 

2. High efficiency ≥ 82% , high performance , stable and durable 

3. Using 3 stage charging mode : cc-cv , floating charging more intelligent and safety, High saturation and lower calorie.

4. two led indicators show charging situation ( led 1 red mean power on / charging , Led 2 green mean full charged )

5. All products passed CE & Rohs certification

6. Factory wholesale price, 10 years factory production experience in battery charger industry.

7. multi-protection function: protection for short circuit , over-temperature, Reverse polarity protections

8. Aluminium black Case, light weight portable and reliable

9. Automatic portable smart battery charger , easy to use and convenience to carry

10. LED Display panel (Optional) 


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